First eCommerce framework that grows with your business

Sylius is a free, Open Source and exceptionally flexible eCommerce platform. A framework designed for dynamic Start-Up growth. When all out-of-the-box solutions do not fit your innovative business model, Sylius comes to the rescue.

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A place where dreams come true. The traveler’s dreams of freedom, enjoyment, and inspiration. This is your journey into a world of beauty, fashion and fabulous stories. And our sole mission is to make it truly unforgettable.

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HAVEP offers unique tailor-made work clothes for various sectors. The apparel which is not only user-friendly and comfortable, but also aesthetic and safe. Every collection is 100% certified with current EN and ISO norms complied.

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Must Have is a subscription box targeted toward women who want to be surprised with full-sized products valued at over $100 every month for a reasonable $39.95.

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Although founded only in 2012, HBX has already curated over 300 brands, which offer everything from Apparel, Footwear, Accessories to Prints and Tech items. The common value of all HBX’ brands is a creative design and refine construction.

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Reiss is a UK-based fashion brand and retail store chain. The company produces women’s and men’s clothing and sales them in 160 stores in 15 countries. Intending to achieve impressive 250 stores worldwide.

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Klink is changing the way you get your alcohol. Tell us where you are. Choose what you want. Pay through the app. Listen for a knock on your door. And that's all there is to it.

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Ovidias is famous far and wide because of its Belgian chocolates with home-made filling, with a full and creamy taste. First retailer that offers chocolates in cans. Based only on the very best ingredients.

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Your Unbiased Source on Nutrition and Supplements. Independent and objective. Over 1.5 million visitors every month rely on its research and make change in their diet and daily routine.

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For Merchants

Sylius understands that Technical Debt kills your business therefore it comes with the highest quality of code. Helps you build the MVP stage and continuously supports your rapid growth.

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For Developers

Sylius is the first eCommerce framework. Developed with the newest methodologies and using PHP and Symfony as a foundation. Discover how easy and pleasant it is to work with it. Just enjoy being a developer again.

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Sylius is fully Open Source, released under the most permissive MIT license.

Our community of passionate developers and merchants works hard to provide the best eCommerce technology in the world.


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Sylius is coming to Berlin!

In the coming week Sylius is going to take over Berlin’s developers community. Visit code.talks eCommerce conference with Paweł’s talk and join Sylius & Symfony 3 Hackathon, if you want to get involved.


Sylius v1.0.0 BETA2 Now Available!

We are happy to announce that Sylius v1.0.0.beta.2 is now available! This release includes a powerful REST API and more complete feature set. We have also set the foundations for plugin development!


Roadmap to The Stable Release

We have received a huge amount of feedback since our first BETA release and it is time to publish our plan for the long awaiting stable release.


Get support from Sylius community

We are launching official support channels for Sylius. Join us, learn and help fellow community members!

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