Sylius is still in development.

First Sylius Meetup in Croatia

30 / May / 2016 | Ivo Lukač, Antonio Perić

Meet Sylius Community on June 18th at our first Symfony/Sylius Croatia Meetup in Hub385, Zagreb.

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Sylius v0.17.0 with last big features

04 / Mar / 2016 | Paweł Jędrzejewski

We are happy to release v0.17.0 of Sylius, which includes Theming, SEO metadata component, product reviews and associations.

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What are people saying about Sylius?

Watching very closelly a fully TDDed (with phpspec) ecommerce solution built with Symfony by @pjedrzejewski. Promising!

Marcello Duarte

Lead Developer of phpspec

Myke Hines


39 days, full B2B ecommerce store, 1 developer. Thanks Sylius!
Discovering Sylius, seems to be a great and powerful Symfony2 bundle for e-commerce. WOW!

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