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Sylius is the first truly decoupled system, based on the popular PHP framework - Symfony.

Built on the shoulders of Open Source giants

Sylius uses PHP - the most popular programming language of the Web and Symfony - the best framework for it. So do the largest Open Source projects, like Drupal or eZ Publish. It has doctrine as ORM, database abstraction and TWIG - secure templating engine for PHP.

Built on the shoulders of Open Source giants

Foundation for your customized eCommerce application

Admin Shop API Core Components

Sylius is not a monolithic solution - you can change or develop it anytime you want. It can be used as a base for your custom eCommerce platform or a core of your own system.

Built from standalone Core, Admin, Shop and API components, which can be disabled separately.

Customizable data models and logic

You can easily customize core data models, forms, repositories and controllers or add new fields and modify existing ones. Every piece of logic has a single point of customization, thanks to SRP and Symfony container - override any service. Another advantage is a powerful events system - hook into every piece.

{% extends 'layout.html.twig' %}

{% block body %}
{% for item in cart.items %}
<li>{{ }} x {{ item.quantity }}</li>
{% endfor %}
{% endblock %}

Simple Templating you will love

Simple Twig templates that are easy to customize. System with theming, extensions and helper methods.

Highest code quality and best practices

SOLID principles and well-defined coding standards. Sylius has the best practices applied and is constantly measured (Scrutinizer stats). That is why it provides plenty of design patterns.

Strong community and active development

Strong community and active development

Wide and friendly, constantly developing community with over 350 contributors and over 12,000 commits. You are not alone!

Comes with a well defined development workflow

Test-friendly, suitable for Agile development, shipped with BDD workflow and tools.

Feature: Receiving fixed discount on cart
In order to pay proper amount while buying promoted goods
As a Visitor
I want to have promotions applied to my cart

Given the store operates on a single channel in "United States"
And the store has a product "PHP T-Shirt" priced at "$100.00"
And the store has a product "PHP Mug" priced at "$6.00"

Scenario: Receiving fixed discount for my cart
Given there is a promotion "Holiday promotion"
And it gives "$10.00" discount to every order
When I add product "PHP T-Shirt" to the cart
Then my cart total should be "$90.00"
And my discount should be "-$10.00"

Business logic based on StateMachine

You can easily add new states to all Sylius flows, hook into transitions, add your extra logic and integrate with external systems. It is also possible to disable default Sylius logic or replace it with your own.

Business logic based on StateMachine


Sylius provides comprehensive documentation for the full platform as well as individual components. It offers the Cookbook with ready-to-use solutions and the Customization Guide, which helps you make Sylius work the way you like.

Symfony bundles already available

Thanks to the fact that Sylius is based on a popular framework used by hundreds of thousands of developers, we already have plenty of bundles, which are Symfony "modules" that provide you with useful services, integrations or even full features.


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