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Roadmap to The Stable Release

Hello Sylius community! :)

We have received a huge amount of feedback since our first BETA release and it is time to publish our plan for the long awaiting stable release. It has been a long ride and one of our goals after the stable release is to shorten the release cycle.

I have realized that good software is one that evolves and continuously improves, but in a predictable way, so that users know what to expect in the coming weeks/months/years. Continue reading to learn more about our future plans.

BETA2 Release

Since December, we are focusing on the following efforts:

  • Finalizing the REST API
  • Detecting and covering any potential Security issues
  • Covering Race Conditions in cart, checkout and inventory
  • Initial optimization
  • Customizability & DX
  • Bug fixing

Next and last BETA release will happen in late February. It will include an absolute feature freeze. No BC breaks (unless Security related) shall be introduced until the 1.0.0 release.

Stable Release and What’s Next

Sylius 1.0.0 will be released in April, before that we will see at least 1 RC. Official Release Cycle will be published earlier. As I have mentioned in the introduction to this post, we want to have much shorter iterations between Sylius versions.

I think both merchants and developers prefer a small upgrade effort every year, getting more performance, stability and features, rather than big rewrite every 5 years. One of major problems with existing platforms is the upgrade policy. We should change the mindset and understand that regular upgrades and evolution are much more efficient than huge and risky revolutions. If you disagree, please let us know in the comments, this is something we are still evaluating.


It is definitely good time to start working on integrations with other interesting projects, which may help Sylius users to get better results. There have already been PoC bridges or even production websites integrated with:

  • Drupal 8
  • eZ Publish
  • Akeneo

There are plenty of other great projects and tools that we want to integrate with. If you are thinking about an integration or already did that for some of your projects, let us know. We would like to coordinate the community so that there are no doubled efforts and we can join our forces. Sylius being based on Symfony and with powerful API is really easy to integrate with, you should give it a try!

Bundles (= extensions/modules/plugins)

We are finishing our work on the first “official” prototype bundles, which extend base Sylius installation with extra functionalities. These are rather more technical tools, than click-to-install modules like in some platforms, but they can save you a lot of time and add all the features you need to Sylius platform. We have published an official guide, which covers basics of bundle building. Check it out and try to create your own bundle. You can have a look at our 2 examples:

Migration Tools

If you are migrating to Sylius from another platform, jump in to our Slack and let us know. There are people working on such migrations already and it would be great to share experience and maybe join efforts to create community tools. Expert knowledge is valuable, we will be happy to help and learn from you!

Get Involved

Last month, we launched our Slack community and it has been growing like crazy! Over 200 people have already joined. If you would like to get invited as well, just follow this link

Your feedback is something we need to make possibly the best 1.0.0 release! If you would like to try Sylius, head to the download page and use your preferred method of install. Report any issues you have found on GitHub and join our Slack if you have any questions, we are there to help!

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Happy coding! :)

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