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Sylius v0.11.0 release and Roadmap Update

“I want smaller and more frequent releases.” It turned out not that easy as I thought, but more about that later.

Again, after almost 500 commits from 25 brave contributors, I am very happy to release Sylius v0.11.0.


We have introduced quite a lot of new features and several components, for CMS & managing different languages, currencies, api authentication and contact requests.

Some of the existing features have been improved or fixed and I am very positive about our future, except that we are definitely off the roadmap and I have updated it accordingly.

Currency bundle and exchange rates

Previously we had currency management in MoneyBundle, but I decided it makes sense to move this to a separate bundle+component. You can configure multiple currencies and automatically pull rates from different services.

Order editing and comments

Thanks to the awesome work of Joseph Bielawski, we have now order editing and comments support in the backend. The list of things that stloyd implemented is too long to mention here, check out for yourself!

SymfonyCMF and Inline editing of content with Create.js

I have implemented new ContentBundle, which integrates more of SymfonyCMF into Sylius. New types of blocks and nicer way to handle them through our resource bundle. Just a day or two later, Raynald, introduced even more features:

  • Managing menus
  • Adding slideshow
  • Routes to static content
  • Image blocks for banners etc.

And it works wonders! Thanks psyray!

In terms of content editing, I have added one more thing... Create.js! Most of CMF blocks and content is now editable right in the frontend.

When you are logged in as admin, you should see a nice Sylius toolbar in the top, which currently manages only the inline-editing, but we want to add more administration functionality into this widget.

Foundation for the API

We have new SyliusApiBundle, which is not fully functional yet, but it adds OAuth authentication layer for Sylius and manages api clients. In 0.12-dev I have already merged Pull Request from me and Joseph, which adds RESTful API for many entities and testing tools for further api developments.

Can’t wait to finish this effort - Sylius will have the most developer-friendly API ever!

There is more

There are many other new features in this release, try it for yourself and find out!

Why it took so long and roadmap update

In blog post releasing v0.10.0 it seemed like next version is around the corner...

When I was sketching this roadmap in the beginning of the year, I did not expect to do around 12 presentations in my first year of public speaking.

Launch of Lakion turned out to be a great idea and we have been literally slammed (positively) with work since day 1. This does not mean we focused on doing commercial work and forgot about Sylius, quite opposite!

We accept only Sylius based projects, which allow us to contribute back to the platform, learn from our customers and get new ideas for improving the project. You can already see the initial effects of this process and you will see much more in the coming weeks. Multi-store and full REST API sounds nice, doesn’t it?

Thank you for your patience and for staying with me on this amazing adventure! I have adjusted the roadmap to avoid confusing people and be clear about our progress so far. I have removed the estimated release dates for all milestones except stable, because I cannot predict how many contributions we will receive, sometimes we can tackle big task in a week and sometimes it takes 2-3 months to get something merged.


You can install and try the latest Sylius by running the following commands:

$ composer create-project -s dev sylius/sylius:v0.11.0
$ cd sylius
$ app/console sylius:install

To start a new project on top of Sylius, use Sylius Standard Edition:

$ composer create-project -s dev sylius/sylius-standard:v0.11.0 acme
$ cd acme
$ app/console sylius:install


Thanks to all people who helped me with Sylius during these busy times! I am confident that next year stable Sylius will cause a positive and massive impact on the world of e-commerce.

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