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Sylius at PHPDay Italy & SOLIDay

Hello folks!

May is an interesting month for Sylius and we would like to meet you at two important events for the php community.

The first conference is PHPDay 2015, which is organized in Verona, Italy. Italian event is dedicated to PHP development, technologies and management. It is aimed to IT managers, developers and innovators. During the two days of talks and workshops: you can learn about best-practices, good methodologies, case histories about quality assurance and have a broader view on development and innovation with PHP. On this occasion Paweł will be presenting “Sylius - E-Commerce framework for PHP”. In his talk he will introduce the ideas and philosophy behind the project and show how easy it is to customize Sylius.

The second conference is SOLIDay by PHPSrbija, which will be held on May 30th, in Belgrade. This event is inspired by the well-known SOLID acronym and is the first event in Serbia and region, which is dedicated only to object-oriented programming principles, design patterns, software architecture and best programming practices. During this conference, Paweł reveals to you what's “under the hood of Sylius”. In this talk he will show how Sylius leverages SOLID principles and give an overview of the architecture. Results achieved by applying good design principles prove that clean code can make a difference.

Pawel will be available for you there during the entire conference. We hope that you will talk with him about the project, its future plans and learn how it can help you create amazing e-commerce projects with Symfony. If you want to learn some Sylius, do not hesitate to participate in this event.

See you there!

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