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Sylius at Symfony Live Paris

Bonjour à la communauté Sylius!

Le jeudi 9 avril aura lieu l’édition française du Symfony Live à Paris. A cette occasion, Arnaud vous présentera comment "Développer vos applications avec le SyliusResourceBundle"! Pour ceux qui ne connaissent pas ce bundle, il vous permet de gérer rapidement et simplement vos ressources (vos CRUDs) ainsi que les exposer via une API REST. La plupart des bundles de la suite Sylius utilisent ce dernier, notamment pour construire les CRUDs du Backoffice.

La présentation aura lieu à 9h40 juste après l’intervention de Fabien Potencier. Vous trouverez ici, le programme de la journée.

N’hésitez pas à venir nous voir pour échanger, on me mord pas!

A jeudi.

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A Month of Sylius #6 (December 2017)

The last month of the year was like the calm before the storm. We’ve been putting the finishing touches on the redesign of our website and the Partner Program launch. Also, we simply enjoyed Christmas break.

A Month of Sylius #5 (November 2017)

November was another month full of work on Sylius Ecosystem development. We’ve seen self organised initiatives and meetups of our community in different parts of Europe. Also, we are receiving more and more contact requests from serious eCommerce players from all over the world. Sylius rumour is spreading fast and there’s no stopping it.

A Month of Sylius #4 (October 2017)

October was the first month in business with the stable version of Sylius. We are happy and impressed with the number of contact, services & partner requests we have received. It only proves the value of the product and we are doing our best to build a vibrant ecosystem around the technology that we love.

A Month of Sylius #3 (September 2017)

The most important month in Sylius history so far is already behind us. As you know, v1.0.0 was released on 13th of September. We needed some rest after these intense days, but now we’re getting back to you with even more power.

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