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Sylius Croatia Meetup #2 Summary

There is no shadow of doubt that recently we have been travelling a lot. And we don't want it to stop! In fact, it looks like Sylius has gone on tour for good. Firstly, two events in Berlin in April, now - two another in Croatia. Isn't that great? And we can already say there's going to be much more... But first, take a look at our review of the latest meetups. What is it like to attend a Sylius event? Read below!

Tinel Meetup #1

Tinel people just before the meetup start

On Tuesday morning, 13th of June, Paweł took a plane to Split, where he met our friends from Locastic. These awesome guys invited him to initiate the brand new series of meetups - Tinel, organized at their headquarters. The concept draws upon creating the best networking place for business and developing in Dalmatia. Tinel itself means "living room" and so was the atmosphere of the meeting - cosy, light, but also inspiring. Paweł’s talk “Building a Business with Open Source” was livestreamed and registered. You can watch it here, just after Antonio Perić's opening speech.

As you can see at the video, bunch of enthusiasts managed to come and listen about Sylius. Our project seems to fit perfectly to the meetup main idea - how to combine business thinking with programming. Especially when your product is Open Source and you need to somehow make it thrive finanacially. Hopefully everyone in the room got new ideas for their existing and future ventures.

We would like to thank Locastic for an invitation and a great time with beers, pizza, desserts and a lot of interesting discussions. Wish you all the best in developing the meetup idea, because it’s great!

Sylius & Symfony Croatia Meetup #2

Arek and Kamil smiling brightly among the Symfony & Sylius meetup attendees

On Wednesday, early in the morning, together with the Locastic crew we drove to Zagreb and join the rest of Sylius team and fellow Sylius developers at Hub385. You can see the agenda in our previous blog post. It all went exactly as planned, which we are happy about.

Firstly, Paweł and Łukasz started with an introduction and updates (insight into plugins, integrations, the ecosystem we’re building now). Secondly, Antonio talked about the life of early Sylius adopters and summarized their adventure with our framework. While there have been ups and downs, things are much better now and luckily, they want to continue using Sylius for eCommerce projects. His main conslusion was, that our solution is perfect for small or highly customized eCommerce projects.

Afterwards, Ivo and Edi from Netgen demoed Netgen Layouts integration with eZ Publish and Sylius. It is an exciting new product, which can change how we manage website layouts. We can’t wait to see how it will evolve! Next, Vedran from Trikoder presented Varnish for Symfony apps and how they optimized their website with a lot of tips and tricks. We hope to use this to optimize high traffic Sylius stores as well.

We took a breath of fresh air at web.burza HQ for a break with a great and tasty BBQ. The talks were even more delicious than the food. Regret you have not been there! Our team had plenty of discussions with other developers about the future of Sylius, integrations, plugins, testing and a lot of other topics. Together with other company founders & CEOs we discussed how we imagine the future of content management & eCommerce, especially with Sylius + eZ integration. Networking is what we love the most!

Workshop on the ping pong tables

After the time of relax, we got back to work. Kamil and Arek in their workshop showed to all participants how to integrate Sylius with external applications using RabbitMQ and that you can easily make it work with other systems. It all took place on web.burza’s ping pong tables, which was pretty unusual environment for studying fresh programming ideas :D.

Everything finished obviously with some good croatian beers and interesting discussions. This is how you make friends in the Open Source community ;).

Huge Thanks!

We would like to sincerely thank all sponsors: Netgen, Locastic, Web.burza & Trikoder. Without them, Sylius would never be so popular among Croatian Symfony community and such meetups could never happen. You are simply great and we hope to see you again as soon as possible!

Also, thank you, attendees! We hope you liked what people working with Sylius got to say and you will enjoy exploring our framework in the coming days. We are always happy to hear from you, so do not hesitate to drop a message with your thoughts. What can we improve? What would you like to listen about during the next meetups? Comment below!

We will probably see each other next year. Sylius and Symfony Croatia love goes both ways and we have to maintain this state of things ;).

Want To Organize A Sylius Meetup? Get In Touch!

If you want to organize a Sylius meetup in your city, contact us now via . We can easily work on details and help with organization. We can already say there’s a lot going on now and we are in touch with a few companies planning to arrange a Sylius event! So stay tuned, because Sylius will continue the tour again sooner than you think.


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