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Welcome to the new

Several months ago, Sylius homepage has been moved to the website with an announcement about "joining forces" with the KNPLabs company.

Today we're officially switching back to the original project website -

I strongly believe that any "political and toxic" atmosphere around an open source project is not a desirable thing, but I also think that the community deserves transparency. This is connected to the development plans, as well as to the Sylius organizational situation.


I've made several mistakes during last months and one of them was announcing the cooperation without working out a precise agreement in the first place. It's not an excuse for me, nor a blame for the other side.

I'm not sure if it was unexpected, but after a few weeks of trying to resolve the situation, I've made a decision that I do not want to dispose the project, by tying it to any company, existing or new.

It all ended almost 2 months ago. I've been preparing the new website and working on the Symfony 2.3 upgrade.

Perception of this move can vary among the readers, but I believe it was the right decision and good for Sylius, as an open source project and for me, as the founder & lead developer.

Anyone who has created or has been maintaining an open source project of any size, will know how much work it requires. I think there is no need to explain that Sylius is not the smallest one to handle. I've been doing this for over two years now, spending countless nights and weekends working on it. During that time, Sylius and its bundles have been adopted by various start-ups and well-known companies, like the 20th Century Films.

I'd lie by saying that I've never imagined building some business around Sylius, but it's not the right moment and way to do this. I want to continue building a successful community project, used by many companies all around the world. Help the developers, by protecting their hair which they tear out when working with existing solutions.

Obviously, Sylius wouldn't exist without The Community. Over 70 people have contributed to the code and many more have suggested features, reported bugs or asked the right questions, which have been helpful for others and the documentation. I already have a plan how to highlight the most prominent community members and their outstanding contributions, stay tuned!

KNPLabs is a great team, investing into open source software and we should appreciate it. It was sad for me to leave and I wish them all the best with any idea they decide to pursue in the future!

What's next?

Below you can read a brief summary of the plans for coming weeks.

The Roadmap

Yes, next Monday I'm going to publish a detailed project roadmap and if I miss this date, you can yell at me because people have been asking me to do it for ages.

Sylius still misses a few features, but implementing them is a matter of coming months, depending on your contributions. What we need is a stable and documented release, so that you can safely start a new project on Sylius, without worrying about BC breaks.

I can already say that I plan to release the BETA in December 2013 and I'm going to invest a lot of my time and resources into achieving this goal. I hope you're at least a bit excited!

Projects showcase

I have prepared a showcase page for the new website and we need to fill it with great projects using Sylius, be it full solution or just a few bundles.

The purpose of this collection will be simple. Making it easier for you, as a developer, to convince your boss to work with Symfony2 powered e-commerce.

I've already collected several projects, but if you have an application which you would like to expose in the showcase, please let me know at

Symfony 2.3 upgrade

Sylius is now using Symfony 2.3 and I'm excited to explain you all the new features introduced thanks to this upgrade. You can read the full summary in separate blog article.

Final Thoughts

I hope you like the new website which is fully responsive and readable on all mobile devices.
If you find any issues, please report them to me, I'll fix them as quickly as possible. In case you're curious, it is powered by the awesome Silex!

If you believe in Sylius, contribute and help building the e-commerce solution for Symfony2!

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